Barry Little

Growing up, Barry enjoyed the first-hand experiences of farming dairy and cash crops in Southern Ontario. This led him to explore opportunities in the seed business. With more than 30 years of experience gained working with seed coating companies, Barry brings his practical experience, scientific knowledge and agronomic skills to ATP.

This massive amount of know-how makes Barry the IDEAL representative for the Alberta market. His understanding of seed cleaning, seed quality, seed testing and seed coatings fits perfectly with ATP’s R3 Management System and the Chemtrition™ platform. At ATP – each nutrient management system starts with the proprietary Precede™ seed treatment. The unique Precede nutrient coating, provides every seed with its best opportunity for early season vigor and yield establishment.

Barry’s depth of experience will give him immediate credibility with agronomists, retailers and growers as he conducts ongoing education with these groups.

Through dedication and hard work, Barry built a reputation based on integrity and a commitment to service.