42PHI Cereal

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    Micronutrient, Macronutrient
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Protect your yield - add 42PHI Cereal with your fungicide.

42PHI® is a novel NPK formulation with key micronutrients designed specifically for application at the reproductive stage (fungicide timing) to aid in flowering, pollination and seed set.

42PHI is Stage 3 in the System of Chemtrition®. 

  • Novel formulation, containing NutriPhlo Technology, designed to be synergistic with fungicide.
  • Designed specifically for cereals 
  • Contains the essential nutrients for maximizing flowering, pollination and seed set 
  • Protects against yield loss 

Proper Nutrition at Flowering = Delivers Genetic Potential

Even if your plants look healthy, hidden stresses may be wreaking havoc on your crop. 42PHI provides the essential nutrients at this peak demand period to increase flowering and pollination while protecting against biotic threats. When 42PHI is applied with fungicide, the following occurs: 

  • Aids in plant health and synergy with agri-chemistry 
  • Provides essential nutrients at peak demand period to increase flowering and pollination 
  • Protects the crop’s established yield potential 
  • Improves overall plant health to help overcome environment and biological stresses. 

Proven Agronomic Performance

  • The addition of 42PHI with fungicide improved consistency in performance and enhanced productivity by 4.3 bu/ac in Soybeans and 7.8 bu/ac in Wheat.

See the Difference

Improved Overall Plant Health

Check (white area) vs 42PHI Cereal on Wheat (front)

Technical Info



0-28-19-0.3Zn0.5-1.0 qt/acFoliarLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon), 125 gallon, 250 gallon

Product Recommendations

  • 42PHI can be combined with fungicide. 
  • Ensure water volume (min. 10 gal/ac) is used for optimum coverage and effectiveness. 
  • 42PHI can be combined with either the Laser™ or Impel™ product line by ATP, if it has been determined that additional nutrients are required. 

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