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Product Support

Power your crop – add ReLeaf OS with your herbicide.​

ReLeaf Optimized Spray (OS) is a multi-crop formulation that contains Potassium, 5 essential micronutrients and 2 novel biostimulants to meet the early season nutritional demands of the crop. Applied with your herbicide, ReLeaf OS gives a second opportunity for early season plant nutrition to drive rooting and help with “herbicide hangover”. When ReLeaf OS is added with the herbicide, the following occurs: 

  • Delivers the essential nutrients, in the proper ratio and form for maximum uptake by the plant 
  • Drives rooting, photosynthesis, and improves overall plant health
  • Assists in yield preservation by addressing “seedling stall”
  • Relieves plant stress, improves early season nutrition and the metabolic activity of the plant
  • Formulated to support mixing with many AgChem products or other liquid fertilizers. To review compatibility information see product support section above.

Address the Stress - Contains Two Novel Biostimulants

Convey Technology is a patented technology that works in the plant to drive respiration.  Increased respiration helps to:

  • Drive rooting
  • Superior uptake of applied nutrients
  • Improved nutrient use efficiency
  • Alleviate stress
  • Increases yield and backed by over 1,100 independent replicated trials
Cellburst logo

Cellburst Technology is a seaweed extract technology that drives productivity:

  • Increasing abiotic stress tolerance (drought, heat, cold, salinity)
  • Enhancing rooting
  • Improving antioxidant activity (photosynthesis)
  • Improving pollination and fruit set by increasing pollen tube development
  • Complementing Convey Technology

Proven Agronomic Performance

Charts showing increase in yield after applying Releaf OS to wheat and soybeans
  • Data collected from field trials showed a consistent increase in yield by 3.5 and 6.6 bu/acre for wheat and soybeans respectively. 
  • Biostimulants complement Nutrition – When compared to “nutrition alone products”, ReLeaf OS enhanced production by an additional 2.0 bu/acre and 6.4 bu/acre in wheat and soybeans respectively. 

See the Difference

ReLeaf Stopping Herbicide Hangover - Soybeans
ReLeaf applied at 1 qt/acre at the V5 growth stage with herbicide.
Herbicide Hangover - Wheat

Picture shows the Day 9 visual results of Talinor compared to Talinor with ReLeaf OS.

Technical Info



0-0-15-1.0B-1.0Zn-1.0Mn-0.01Mo-0.001Co + Convey + Cellburst1.0 qt/acHerbicideLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon), 125 gallon, 250 gallon

Product Recommendations

  • ReLeaf OS should be applied at herbicide timing.
  • Ensure water volume (min. 10 gal/ac) is used for optimum coverage and effectiveness.
  • ReLeaf OS is appoved to be used with Enlist and XtendiMax tank mixes. Please refer to appropriate website for tank mix details.
  • ReLeaf OS can be combined with either the Laser™ or Impel™ line of ATP Products, if determined that additional nutrition is required.
  • To view the ReLeaf OS SDS and Product Label, learn more about ReLeaf OS and product compatibility information please see product support section above.

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