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Enhances photosynthesis and nitrate assimilation in the plant

Impel is the premium line of foliar micronutrients designed to address and overcome specific micronutrient deficiencies in the plant. The addition of 2 biostimulants help improve nutrient uptake and utilization by the plant while overcoming abiotic stress.

  • Impel Manganese is 100% plant available and crop safe.
  • Powered by Convey and Cellburst Technology.
  • Impel Manganese improves fertilizer use by increasing the mobility and uptake of the nutrient in the plant.

Role of Manganese

  • Regulates the splitting of the water molecules during photosynthesis
  • Accelerates germination and early season seed development
  • Activates several enzymes
  • Increases the availability of phosphorus and calcium
  • Aids in chlorophyll synthesis
  • Heightens the concentration of valuable ingredients such as citric acid 

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Limited mobility of Manganese in the plant
  • Crops become yellowish to olive green, and foliage appears wilted
  • Cereal crops show chlorotic and necrotic strips
  • The plant exhibits dirty grey strips or spots on the base of the leaves (called Grey Speck)
  • Acidification of soils with Sulphur can correct Manganese deficiency
  • The entire water balance is affected causing the plant to wilt

Proven Agronomic Performance

Charts showing increase in yield after adding impel manganese to soybeans
  • Impel Manganese proved to have a direct positive effect on yield, as seen in the summary of 3 replicated field trials in 2014, reporting an average increase of 1.7 bu/ac in Soybeans. 

  • Summary data collected from 5 trials in 2012-2014 have demonstrated the benefits of supplemental essential nutrition. The addition of Impel Manganese with glyphosate enhanced productivity by an average 3 bu/ac in Soybeans.

Manganese Deficiency in Soybeans
Manganese Deficiency in Wheat
Copper Deficiency in Canola

Technical Info


Kinetic Manganese

5.0Mn-3.0S + Convey + Cellburst0.5-1.0 qt/acFoliarLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon), 125 gallon, 250 gallon

Product Recommendations

  • Impel products can be applied throughout the growing season. For efficiency, Impel products can be added with the herbicide and/or fungicide application.
  • Use proper water volume (minimum 10 gallons) to ensure uniform coverage and optimum uptake.
  • Do not spray in the heat of the day or when plants are under moisture stress. Spray in the late evening or early morning. 
  • Tank mix compatibility is impacted by water quality which may vary by location, so conduct a jar test prior to combining Impel with a crop protection product or see product compatibilities here.

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