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Superior zinc delivery to stimulate the production of natural growth hormones in the plant

Impel is the premium line of foliar micronutrients designed to address and overcome specific micronutrient deficiencies in the plant. The addition of 2 biostimulants help improve nutrient uptake and utilization by the plant while overcoming abiotic stress.

  • Impel Zinc is 100% plant available and crop safe.
  • Powered by Convey and Cellburst Technology.
  • Impel Zinc improves fertilizer use by increasing the mobility and uptake of the nutrient in the plant.

Role of Zinc

  • Aids plant growth hormones and enzyme systems
  • Helps in seed formation
  • Necessary for protein synthesis and membrane function
  • Influences plant hormone proteins, for example auxin development, especially IAA
  • Active in chlorophyll synthesis & manufacturing of carbohydrates
  • Causes healthy root growth, leading to enhanced grain yield
  • Helps in pollination and seed formation

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Leaves are smaller and narrower than normal (“little leaf”), and their tips are often white. 
  • Malformation of foliage and reduced fruit set
  • Necrotic spots on cereals and chlorotic white striping on corn
  • Shortened internode. The entire plant is often stunted (dwarfism)
  • The growth of sprigs is inhibited and young shoots die
  • Premature leaf senescence can also occur

Proven Agronomic Performance

Impel zinc charts showing increased yield and Increased Zinc Uptake in Wheat
  • Summary data collected by Dr. Patrick McMullan demonstrated the benefits of supplemental essential nutrition. The addition of Impel Zinc with Roundup enhanced productivity of Soybeans by an average of 5.4 bu/ac.

  • Replicated small plot trials on wheat highlight the importance of formulation. Impel Zinc had a 76 and 45% increase in Zinc uptake when compared to an untreated check and industry standard zinc, respectively.

See the Difference

Zinc Deficiency in Soybeans
Zinc Deficiency in Wheat
Zinc Deficiency in Wheat

Zinc deficient wheat roots (left), Zinc sufficient wheat roots (right)

Technical Info



9Zn-3.8S + Convey + Cellburst0.5-1.0 qt/acFoliarLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon), 125 gallon, 250 gallon

Product Recommendations

  • Impel products can be applied throughout the growing season. For efficiency, Impel products can be added with the herbicide and/or fungicide application.
  • Use proper water volume (minimum 10 gallons) to ensure uniform coverage and optimum uptake.
  • Do not spray in the heat of the day or when plants are under moisture stress. Spray in the late evening or early morning. 
  • Tank mix compatibility is impacted by water quality which may vary by location, so conduct a jar test prior to combining Impel with a crop protection product or see product compatibilities here.

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