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Product Support

Making sure the Essential Nutrients are Available

Laser P is more than a traditional single element foliar product. Laser P provides a combination of the essential elements (NPK) required by the plant with a focus on overcoming phosphorus deficiency. 

  • Specifically formulated to overcome phosphorus deficiency. Phosphorus functions as one of the main promoters of photosynthesis, nutrient transport and energy transfer via energy-rich linkages (ATP).
  • Laser P can be used on all crops and at all stages throughout the growing season
  • 100% plant available with the lowest salt index
  • Includes an amino acid BA to increase the nutrient uptake and maximize nutrient use efficiency by the plant
  • Compatible with most ATP products and agrochemicals.

NPKS = Delivers Genetic Potential

The Laser P is formulated to target specific nutrients to support plants that are strong and healthy. Key benefits of these nutrients include:

  • Nitrogen enhances nutrient uptake and promotes rapid growth in the plant.
  • Phosphorus functions as one of the main promoters of photosynthesis, nutrient transport, and energy transfer via energy-rich linkages (ATP).
  • Potassium is involved in the formation and translocation of sugars, proteins, starch, and plant growth hormones.

Proven Agronomic Performance

NRG P Chart
  • Summary data collected from 2 replicated trials in 2011 have demonstrated the benefits of supplemental phosphorus nutrition. The addition of Laser P enhanced productivity by an average of 5 bu/ac in Wheat.

See the Difference

The Phosphorus Soil Tank is Empty

An aggregate of the soil testing data conducted across Western Canada confirmed that 60% of Manitoba, 79% of Saskatchewan and 65% of Alberta soil Phosphorous levels are rated as low to very low. The percentage of soil testing very low to medium in soil P exceeds 90% across all thee prairie provinces. The solution is simple – We need to restore balance back to our soils and add back the Phosphorous we’ve been depleting.
Phosphorus Sufficient Canola (left) vs. No Phosphorus Canola (right)

Laser P aids in photosynthesis, nutrient transport, and energy transfer via energy-rich linkages (ATP)

Technical Info



6-26-5 + MicroPak + BA1.0-3.0 qt/acFoliarLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon), 250 gallon

Product Recommendations

  • Laser products are typically applied at 1-3 qt/ac at herbicide timing (BBCH 13-31), but can also be applied later, such as at flowering or post-flowering.
  •  **Tissue test is required to determine the optimum application rate.
  • Laser products are tank-mixable with most pesticides but a jar test is always recommended to confirm product compatibility. For support, please refer to the product compatibility information above.

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