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Simplify your Nutrition - add Laser CaB with your pesticide.

The Laser line does more than a traditional single element foliar product. Laser products provide a combination of the essential elements (NPK) required by the plant with a targeted nutrient(s), per formulation, to overcome a crop’s specific deficiency.

  • Laser CaB is specifically formulated to target Calcium and Boron deficiencies while balancing overall plant nutrition.
  • Laser CaB can be used on all crops and at all stages throughout the growing season.
  • 100% plant available with the lowest salt index.
  • Includes an amino acid to increase the nutrient uptake and maximize nutrient use efficiency by the plant.
  • Compatible with most ATP products and agri-chemicals.

NPKS = Delivers Genetic Potential

The Laser CaB is formulated to target specific nutrients to support plants that are strong and healthy. Key benefits of these nutrients include:

  • Nitrogen enhances nutrient uptake and promotes rapid growth in the plant.
  • Calcium promotes cell wall structure, stimulates root and leaf development and promotes the uptake and transport of other nutrients.
  • Boron is essential for plant growth and cell development, contributing to stalk stability and function of the cell wall membranes, and seed and fruit development.

See The Difference

Proven Agronomic Performance

The addition of 42PHI with fungicide improved consistency in performance and enhanced productivity by 4.3 bu/ac in Soybeans and 7.8 bu/ac in Wheat.

Nitrogen Deficiency in Wheat

NRG N is specifically formulated to target N deficiencies while balancing overall plant nutrition

Technical Info



7-0-0-10Ca-2B + MicroPak1.0-2.0 qt/acFoliarLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon), 250 gallon

Product Recommendations

  • Laser products are typically applied at 1-3 qt/ac at herbicide timing (BBCH 13-31), but can also be applied later, such as at flowering or post-flowering.
  •  **Tissue test is required to determine the optimum application rate.
  • Laser products are tank-mixable with most pesticides but a jar test is always recommended to confirm product compatibility. For support, please refer to the product compatibility information here.

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