Utility Modifier (Water Conditioner)

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Get the most out of each pass – add RectipHy™ to your tank.

RectipHy is a utility modifier (water conditioner) that is formulated to aid in conditioning the spray tank water to maximize the efficacy of both your pesticides and foliar fertilizers.

  • Improves herbicide efficiency along with promoting weed control.
  • Compatible with most herbicides as well as a wide range of ATP’s innovative plant nutrition products.
  • Flexible use rate from 50-200 ml/ac based on water quality.

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Water Conditioning = Delivers the Genetic Potential

Whether it’s a pre-seed burndown, in-crop or pre-harvest, attention should be paid to spray water quality because hard water (cations) can bind to pesticides – decreasing efficacy. By softening the spray water in the tank, RectipHy helps ensure that growers get the most out of each pass over the field. 

  • Adding RectipHy to your tank mix can maximize chemistry efficacy by balancing your pH and softening hard water.
  • RectipHy neutralizes the free ions present in hard water, preventing pesticides from reacting with hard water cations like magnesium, iron and calcium.
  • RectipHy’s surfactant package ensures that more herbicide gets into the leaf reducing the effect of these plant-borne cations.
  • At harvest, RectipHy helps glyphosate penetrate dusty or dirt-covered weeds.

Proven Agronomic Performance

Effect of RectipHy on weed control, Chart shows RectipHy rate calculations


  • When RectipHy and Glyphosate are combined, tough to kill weeds like Lambsquarters and Redwoot Pigweed are more effectively controlled, maintaining the yield potential of the crop.
  • Increased weed control occurs due to RectipHy neutralizing the free ions present in hard water. It prevents your pesticides from reacting with hard water cations like magnesium, iron and calcium. RectipHy’s surfactants ensure that more herbicide gets into the leaf, reducing the effect of these plant-borne cations.
  • When water quality is not an issue, RectipHy still enhances herbicide efficacy by increasing the solubility of the herbicide, and lowering the spray tank pH thereby improving herbicide uptake by the plant.
  • ATP has created a calculator to determine your water hardness called Total Inactivation Potential (refer to well water example in table below). Please visit to input your Spray Water Analysis information to retrieve your Water Hardness report.

See the Difference

Increase Pre-Harvest Efficiency
Glyphosate alone (left) vs Glyphosate and RectipHy (right)
Importance of Soft Water
Glyphosate and distilled water (left) vs. Glyphosate only (Ca + Mg at 1000 ppm)
ModipHy Addresses Hard Water
21 DAT (Michigan State University) 475 ppm hard water
Classification Water Hardness Water Hardness
100 ppm - 300 ppm
0.25%v/v 1.7oz / 5 gpa
Moderately Hard
300 ppm - 750 ppm
0.50%v/v 3.4oz / 5 gpa
750 ppm - 1000 ppm
0.75%v/v 5.1 oz / 5 gpa
Extremely Hard
1000+ ppm
1.00%v/v 6.8 oz / 5 gpa

Product Recommendations

  • Apply RecitpHy as a foliar spray with a recommended volume that’s flexible from 0.125% to 1.0% v/v providing a range of options to take on the toughest weeds and to meet your weed control objectives.
  • Please contact your ATP Regional Account Manager for rate recommendations.
  • To view the RectipHy SDS, Product Label, please visit