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Give your plants a Surge – add Convey with your fertilizer

Convey Technology, exclusive to ATP, is a patented technology that works in the plant to drive respiration. Increased respiration helps to drive rooting, improve nutrient use efficiency and alleviate stress.

  • Increases rooting.
  • Increases respiration and metabolism.
  • Superior uptake of applied nutrients.
  • Increases yield and backed by over 1,100 independent replicated trials.
  • Can be applied to a wide range of crops.
  • Compatible and complimentary to a wide range of nutrients.
  • Convey is formulated into key ATP products, including PreCede, ReLeaf, and Impel.

Proven Yield Performance in Corn

Chart showing difference in Corn Yield after using Convey
  • In 101 Studies across the US corn belt, Convey was applied with starter fertilizer at 7 fl oz/ac
  • The yield increase from Convey was 8.1 bu/ac, with the check averaging 181 bu/ac.
  • There was an 87.1% win rate with the addition of Convey to a starter fertilizer.

Proven Agronomic Performance

Charts showing differences in root surface area and yield after applying Convey products
  • WinRhizo results from 15 field trails conducted in 2013 to 2014 report Convey enhanced the root architecture among crops, showing as much as a 92% increase in the root surface area in Peas, when foliar-applied.
  • Root analysis collected from 3 years of field trials show that in addition to increasing the root surface area, a 70% increase in the number of nodules was observed in Convey treated soybean plants.
  • Data from 11 field trials between 2013 and 2014 show a consistent increase in yield in Canola, Wheat, Soybeans and Peas. The addition of Convey enhanced productivity by 4.5 bu/ac and 5.1 bu/ac in Soybeans and Peas, respectively.
Convey applied to Wheat Seed

Check Wheat (left) vs. Convey Treated Wheat (rght)
Convey in Corn as a Starter

Check Corn (left) vs. Convey on Corn (right)
Transit-S: Enhanced Rooting

No Convey Canola (left) vs. Convey on Canola (right)

Technical Info



PPA1.5 oz/100lbsSeedLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon), 250 gallon


PPA7.0 oz/acSoilLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon, 250 gallon)


PPA3.5 oz/ac FoliarLiquidCase (2x2.5 gallon, 250 gallon)

Product Recommendations:

For Application with Fertilizer:

  • Apply Convey at 7.0 fl oz/ac with your liquid in-furrow or starter fertilizers.
  • Granular Fertilizers – Impregnate 1-4 qt of Convey onto each ton of dry fertilizer, depending on the final rate of fertilizer application in the soil.
  • Foliar Application – Apply 3.5 fl oz/ac of Convey with your fertilizers and pesticides.

For Application with Seed:

  • To maintain uniform coverage on the seed, you may dilute with water. 
  • Allow for proper drying time to ensure optimum flowability.
  • Do not treat directly into planter.
  • If combined with a seed protectant, conduct a jar test.
  • Once Convey is combined with a seed protection, the mix shoud be applied as soon as possible.

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