Boron has the power to impact many important processes including stomatal activity, photo assimilate movement, disease resistance and insect infestation, and overall plant growth and yield.

Quick Facts About Boron

  • Boron is essential for the plant growth and cell development.
  • Essential for seed and fruit development.
  • Improves stability and function of cell wall membranes.
  • Promotes synthesis of structural carbohydrates in the cell wall.
  • Flowering and nodule formation depend on adequate Boron.
  • Boron plays roles in formation of sugar complexes for translocation within plants, and in the formation of proteins.
  • Form used by plants: H3BO3, B(OH)-4 (at high pH).

Role of Boron in Plants

  • Essential for elongation of pollen tubes.
  • Regulates metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • Facilitates the synthesis of nucleic acids.
  • Maintains cell wall integrity of roots to reduce beneficial root exudates.
  • Essential for cell division and development. 
  • Aids in the use of nutrients and regulates other nutrients.
  • Aids production of sugar and carbohydrates, and is essential for seed and fruit development. 
  • Enhances uptake of Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium; enables sugar translocation.

Boron Deficiencies:

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Poor seed set or fruit set.
  • Causes breakdown of growing tip tissue.
  • Reduction in root formation and roots become “leaky”
  • Reduction in new growth, followed by death of younger leaves.
  • At Boron concentrations 12 ppm or less for dicot plants, terminal buds die and shoot dieback takes place.
  • Deficiency in alfalfa – yellowish to reddish yellow discoloration of the terminal foliage.
  • Breakdown of root crops such as beets and turnips, which develop corky dark discolorations.
  • Rhizobia development in the roots of legumes is inhibited.

Factors Affecting Deficiencies

  • Low soil moisture.
  • Coarse textured, well drained, sandy soils and soils with low organic matter can all reduce Boron availability.
  • Soil with high organic matter will have greater availability of Boron.
  • Soils with high levels of available Calcium may require additional applications of Boron.
  • Boron deficiencies decrease the rate of water absorption, root growth, and translocation of sugars in plants.

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