Copper has the power to impact many important processes including stomatal activity, photo assimilate movement, disease resistance and insect infestation, and overall plant growth and yield.

Quick Facts About Copper

  • Copper activates enzymes and catalyzes reactions in several processes.
  • Copper is necessary to chlorophyll formation and therefore essential for photosynthesis and respiration.
  • Many vegetable crops show Copper hunger, with leaves that lose turgor and develop a bluish-green shade before becoming chlorotic and curling.
  • Similar to Manganese and Zinc, Copper is important for immobilization of free oxygen radicals.
  • Importantintheroleofpollinationofself-pollinating crops such as wheat and barley.
  • Form used by plants: Cu+ or Cu+2.

Role of Copper in Plants

  • Stimulates protein formulation.
  • Enhances Nitrogen utilization.
  • Activates several enzymes.
  • Critical in the role of photosynthesis, protein carbohydrate metabolism and respiration.
  • Has a significant influence on color development and regulates the photosynthetic electron (detoxification) of free oxygen radicals which males them harmless.
  • Important for lignification of cell walls.
  • Important for rhizome production associated with legumes.

Copper Deficiencies:

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Young leaves become wilted with chlorosis and twisting, eventually they wither and die .
  • Heads may become deformed and fill poorly.
  • Higher incidence of stem melanosis and ergot in self- pollinating crops like wheat and barley.
  • In cereals, the youngest leaves turn white due to damaged chloroplasts.

Factors Affecting Deficiencies

  • High soil pH, high organic matter, poorly drained and light sandy soils are all factors reducing Copper availability.
  • Excessive manure applications may bind Copper to the additional organic matter, further reducing availability.
  • Increasing Nitrogen impedes movement of Copper from older to newer tissue growth.
  • High concentrations of available Manganese, Iron, and Phosphorus can depress Copper absorption by plant roots and may increase the intensity of Copper deficiency.

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