ReLeaf is a complete crop-specific, NPK formulation to meet the early season nutritional demands of the crop. Applied with your herbicide, ReLeaf gives a second opportunity for early season plant nutrition to drive rooting and help with "herbicide hangover."
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Nutrient Knowledge Guide

Download ATP’s Nutrient Knowledge Guide – Your all inclusive guide to plant nutrition, aimed to help you achieve optimum yield.

Compatibility Tool

The ATP product line has been rigorously tested with an extensive list of seed protection products, herbicides, fungicides and other fertilizers.

Nutrient Uptake and Removal Calculator

Quickly calculate macro and micronutrient requirements so that you can plan your nutrition program

Are you Deficient?

Diagnose your crop’s nutrient deficiency symptoms to ensure you don’t lose it’s genetic potential.


NutriScan is a game changing diagnostic technology that gives you access to real-time, in-field monitoring of soil nutrient status using an easy-to-use, handheld tool – all in a matter of minutes!


Kinetic is the premium line of foliar micronutrients designed to address and overcome specific micronutrient deficiencies in the plant.