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To Keep Phosphorus Available - Add Blocker to Your Fertilizer.

Blocker™ maximizes the nutrient use efficiency of soil applied phosphorus and other essential nutrients. The key to this proprietary product is the patented amino acid technology that complexes the nutrients to keep them available in the soil for a longer period of time.

  • Combines Macronutrients with an Amino Acid to improved nutrient use efficiency.
  • Keeps the soil applied phosphorus more readily available to the plant.
  • Strong complexer ensures nutrients stay in soil solution.
  • Seedling safe technology.
  • Complementary and compatible with Arise, Micro-Che, Synergro M2, Transit-S, UAN, 10-34-0 and ATS.

Proven Agronomic Performance

  • When combined with 10-34-0, Blocker achieved an average increase of 21% in root mass due to improved phosphorus availability.
  • By improving solubility and availability of phosphorus, Blocker increased overall wheat root mass by an average of 89% when combined with Arise (ortho-phosphorus based starter fertilizer).

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5-15-5 + BA1.0 L/acSoilLiquidCase (2x10L), 1000L

Product Recommendations

  • Apply Blocker at 1 L/ac with your liquid in-furrow starter fertilizer.
  • Granular Fertilizers – Impregnate 1-4 L of Blocker onto each tonne of dry fertilizer, depending on the final rate of fertilizer application in the soil.
  • To view the Blocker SDS, product label and to read more information on compatibilities see above.

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