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SoyGreen - Superior Iron Chelation Technology

The patented ortho-ortho Fe EDDHA makes SoyGreen® the only proven iron source for overcoming Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) in all crops, including soybeans.

  • Chelated with the Levesol™ Technology, the patented ortho-ortho EDDHA keeps iron soluble and plant available as a Ferrous (Fe+2) iron
  • Improved iron uptake by the roots allows the plant to overcome iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC).
  • The Levesol™ technology chelates additional micronutrients in the soil also making them available to the plant 
  • Can be applied either as an in-furrow application or as an early season foliar spray

Plant Available Iron = Delivers the Genetic Potential

 IDC is a soil related issue that’s common on land with high pH levels. Highly alkaline soil can prevent the plant roots from reducing iron into a soluble, plant available form, known as ferrous iron (Fe+2). Additional factors affecting iron availability and plant uptake include high bicarbonates, soluble salts, excess water, high nitrogen (N) or high manganese (Mn). The end result is a lack of iron availability to the plant causing a poor root system, reduced plant vigour and interveinal yellowing on the youngest leaves. SoyGreen will help you fight back against IDC. 

  • Having the purest form and highest percentage of ortho-ortho EDDHA, Soygreen makes plants strong enough to keep ferrous iron (Fe+2) in its soluble state to overcome iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC). 
  • The chemistry of ortho-ortho EDDHA in SoyGreen makes other micronutrients in the soil soluble for plant uptake. 
  • SoyGreen has been proven for over 10 years to grow superior soybeans in areas suffering from IDC and reports an average yield increase of 8.2 bu/ac (105 Trials). 

Proven Agronomic Performance

Two Charts showing the yield difference of applying SoyGreen to your Soybean crop
  • Data collected from 16 IDC responsive sites from across S. MB., showed that SoyGreen liquid applied at 2 lb Fe/ac (2.5 L/ac) enhanced productivity on average 4.8 bu/ac.
  • Foliar SoyGreen treatments (5 trials) from 2016 and 2017 , reported an average yield enhancement of 5.1 bu/ac when compared to  untreated soybeans showing IDC symptoms.
Addressing IDC

Iron deficiency (left) vs. SoyGreen treated (right) in Ile de Chenes, MB (2016) SoyGreen liquid applied in furrow at 2.5 L/ac
Improved Vigour

Check (left) vs. SoyGreen treated (right) in Kelburn (2017) SoyGreen liquid applied in furrow at 2.5 L/ac
Foliar Application

Iron deficiency (left) vs. SoyGreen treated (right) 4.3 bu/ac yield gain. Stonewall, MB (2017) SoyGreen foliar applied at 1.75 L/ac

Technical Info


SoyGreen Liquid (Soybeans)

1.8% Fe2.5*-3.75** L/acSoilLiquidCase (2x9.46L), 946L

SoyGreen Liquid (Soybeans)

1.8% Fe1.75*** L/acFoliarLiquidCase (2x9.46L), 946L

SoyGreen Liquid (Dry Beans)

1.8% Fe1.25 L/acSoilLiquidCase (2x9.46L), 946L

SoyGreen Liquid (Dry Beans)

1.8% Fe1.25*** L/acFoliarLiquidCase (2x9.46L), 946L

* Common rate for northern geographies

** Rate recommended for severe iron deficiency

*** Repeat when chlorosis begins to reapper. Repeat applications have shown better efficacy than a single higher rate application

**** bulk density is 43lb/ft3

Product Recommendations

  • SoyGreen liquid can be applied in-furrow or foliar, but research shows that in-furrow applications are the most effective.
  • Post-emergent Soygreen liquid applications should be made either before or as soon as IDC symptoms appear.
  • If mixing with glyphosate, be sure to use a high quality acidifying water conditioner such as ModipHy.
  • Always conduct a jar test if adding products to the Soygreen tank mix.

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