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An essential addition to your starter phosphorus program

Transit RxZn is formulated with 3 critical products to maximize both phosphorus and zinc uptake by keeping nutrients available for an extended period of time, resulting in improved early season rooting. The improved nutrient use efficiency drives the genetic potential of your crop. Transit RxZn is designed for all crops as a soil application. 

Transit Rx Zn provides these benefits to the crop through the synergy of 3 key technologies: 

  1. Transit-S Technology – Novel biostimulant to drive early season rooting 
  2. Blocker Technology (Rx) – Patented complexing chemistry to keep nutrients in soil solution 
  3. Micro-Che Zn – Soil applied EDTA providing 2 lb of plant available zinc to the crop 
1. Transit

Transit technology is a patented biostimulant technology that works in the plant to drive respiration. Increased respiration helps to: 

  • Drive rooting 
  • Superior uptake of applied nutrients 
  • Improved nutrient use efficiency 
  • Alleviate stress 
  • Increases yield and backed by over 1100 independent replicated trials 

Blocker maximizes the nutrient use efficiency of soil applied phosphorus and other essential nutrients. The key is the patented chemistry that complexes nutrients to keep them available in the soil for a longer period of time. 

  • Strong complexer ensures nutrients stay in soil solution 
  • Seedling safe technology 
  • Complementary and compatible with Mico-Che, UAN, 10-34-0 and ATS 

The Role of Zinc in the Plant

  •  Aids plant growth hormones and enzyme systems 
  • Helps in seed formation 
  • Necessary for protein synthesis and membrane function 
  • Influences plant hormone proteins, for example auxin development, especially IAA 
  • Active in chlorophyll synthesis and manufacturing of carbohydrates
  • Zinc causes healthy root growth, leading to enhanced grain yield 

Proven Agronomic Performance

  • In 2018, a replicated field scale corn trial (over 260 acres) showed both the value of a starter fertilizer (10-34-0) and most importantly the complementary effect of Transit RxZn with 10-34-0. 10-34-0 increased corn yield by 4 bu/ac while the addition of Transit RxZn added an incremental yield jump of 8 bu/ac.

Transit-S Applied to Wheat Seed

Check (left) vs. Transit-S appleid to seed (right)
Transit-S in Corn as a Starter

Check (left) vs. Transit-S (right)
Transit-S: Enhanced Rooting

No Transit-S (left) vs. Transit-S (right)
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Technical Info


Transit RxZn

PPA + 5% Zn + Blocker2 L/acSoilLiquidCase (2x10L), 1000L

Product Recommendations:

  • Apply Transit RxZn at 2 L/ac with a liquid in-furow or starter fertilizer.
  • 2 L/ac will supply 2 lb Zn/ac, plus the recommended soil rate for Transit and Blocker (Rx).
  • If applying alone, be sure to dilute with water to obtain uniform coverage.
  • Conduct a jar test if combining with other nutrients outside of 10-34-0, UAN, ATS or Micro-Che.
  • To view the Transit RxZn SDS and Product Label, as well as to read more information on product compatibility please visit

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