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Soil Testing has Never Been this Easy!

Knowing what nutrients are in your soil is fundamental in determining what to invest in, to drive productivity. Today, for a number of reasons, less than 34% of the fields are tested annually for Nitrogen and less than 25% of the fields have a complete (macro and micros) analysis performed on them.


To evolve soil testing to support increased crop production, NutriScan is a game changing diagnostic technology that gives you access to real time, in-field monitoring of your soils nutrient status. This hand-held tool gives you the complete assessment of the nutrient status of your soil in a matter of minutes. 


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Key Benefits

  • Timely – Real-time, in-field results in 3 minutes. 
  • Complete – Measures soil properties, macronutrients, micronutrients and base saturations. 
  • Simple – Easy-to-use, hand held tool connected directly to your cell phone. 
  • Proven – Only sensor technology (Near-Infrared) calibrated for North American soils.
  • Economical – Fixed cost solution with an annual subscription. 
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How it Works

Soil results and nutrient recommendations are sent to your phone and laptop in just 5 minutes 

How it Works Nutriscan

Soil Parameters Measured

Market Proven - Provides Accurate Diagnostics

Western Canada map showcasing the geographically dispersed soil samples utilized to calibrate the NutriScan Unit (2019-2020)

  • NutriScan fertility recommendations are based upon prediction models that have been created through an extensive calibration process using more than 21,000 samples world wide. 
  • Over 1,700 North America soil samples were collected and run through the Gold Standard Lab (GSL) in the Netherlands to calibrate the technology for North America. 
  • The GSL measures 93 different parameters using 4 different extraction techniques to calibrate the NutriScan. 
  • With the introduction of Machine Learning, predictive modelling is constantly evolving to provide even greater accuracy. 
  • NutriScan is the only real-time sensor technology with WEPAL certification (Wageningen Evaluating Programmes for Analytical Laboratories).

Correlated to Provide Consistent Results

To gain a better understanding on how NutriScan correlates to North American conditions, soil samples were collected and sent to leading independent wet chemistry laboratories for a complete nutrient analysis (the graphs below highlight the results for Nitrate Nitrogen and Boron). Two key learnings came from this experiment: 

  1. Different labs have different values and attention levels when measuring the same element. 
  2. NutriScan also has a unique set of values and attention levels, but most importantly provide results that are consistent and comparable with the wet chemistry laboratories. 

NutriScan Reporting

Reports summarizing the soil fertility status and fertility recommendation can be viewed on the NutriScan app using a compatible smart phone, or online through the NutriScan portal as a PDF or downloaded into Excel. 

Each report includes: 

  • Soil fertility status for soil characteristics, macronutrients, micronutrients and base saturations 
  • Organic carbon which can be used to measure carbon sequestration 
  • Fertility recommendations for targeted yield 
  • Summary of the field and crop details 
  • All soil samples are GPS referenced 
  • Easy to read “traffic light systems” for every parameter 
  • The portal has aerial imagery capabilities to map fields using the “traffic light system” for each parameter 


One of the biggest benefits of NutriScan is the fact that it’s a fixed cost solution, with an annual subscription fee. Once you purchase the scanner, the number of samples you can complete is unlimited and has no extra cost in doing it.

To learn more, please fill out this form and we will provide you details on the pricing options available.