Ruffin-Tuff Iron 10%

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The Ruffin-Tuff Advantage - Proactively Address Micronutrient Deficiencies

  • 100% Plant Available and Water Soluble – Meaning 100% of the nutrients are available immediately to the plant. 
  • Remains Plant Available in the Soil – Patented, lignosulfonated (LS) technology protects the micronutrients, allowing them to stay available and more mobile in the soil for longer. 
  • Improved Seedling Vigor and Rooting with Novel Biostimulant – Humic Acid (17.5% of the Ruffin-Tuff formulation) helps drive nutrient use efficiency, improving seedling vigor, rooting and the overall root architecture.
  • 2X More Feeding Sites for the Plant – Contains the lowest analysis of all granular micronutrients in the industry, along with an optimum bulk density, resulting in 2X more feeding sites for the plant compared to other products. 

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Growth chamber data showed that Ruffin-Tuff increased overall wheat yield by an average 46%, due to 100% solubility and increased availability. By Improving the early season root development, Ruffin-Tuff increased yield.

Increased root development and yield
By improving the early season root development, Ruffin-Tuff increased dry matter wheat yield by an average of 46%

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Ruffin-Tuff Iron 10%

10Fe-8S2.0-4.0 lbs/acSoilGranular22.7 Kg, 907Kg

Product Recommendations

  • Using the agronomically approved efficiency factor (5:1), Ruffin- Tuff offers a low rate of product per acre, while still delivering more feeding sites for the plant roots to take up the nutrients.
  • Please conduct a soil sample to determine if your soil will be responsive to a granular micronutrient application.