PreCede Cereal

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    Micronutrient, Macronutrient
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Cold start your crop – add PreCede Cereal to your seed protection.

PreCede ® Cereal is a premium seed nutrient dressing designed and field tested to deliver the essential nutrients in the proper form and ratio to successfully cold start the crop.

PreCede is powered by Transit-S and Cellburst Technology, exclusive to ATP, to help the germinated seedling overcome address abiotic stress (cold soils). 

PreCede Cereal is Stage 1 in the System of Chemtrition®.

  • Designed specifically for cereals to address the natural nutrient imbalences that exist in the seed to drive rooting and respiration, especially in cool temperatures.
  • Combines essential cereal crop nutrition with two biostimulants, Transit-S and Cellburst, to improve overall plant health, overcome abiotic stress, and enhance nutrient use efficiency and respiration.
  • Increases root development and eliminates carbohydrate root exudation with the addition of zinc and boron
  • Drives lateral rooting with the optimal ratio of manganese

Proven Agronomic Performance

Charts showing difference in root surface area and yield after applying PreCede Cereal to Wheat and Winter Wheat
  • 41 replicated field trials conducted between 2012 and 2015 reported PreCede Cereal enhanced the root architecture in Wheat.
  • The 4-year average being a 45% increase in the root surface area.
  • In 47 replicated field trials where seed was treated with PreCede, the yield increases were 1.8, 2.6 and 2.5 bu/ac for spring wheat, winter wheat and barley, respectively.

See the Difference

Improve Vigour
Control (left) vs.PreCede Cereal on Wheat (right) - PreCede improves seedling vigour, rooting and the overall root architecture of the plant.
Check (left) vs. PreCede Cereal on Wheat (right)
PreCede improves overall plant health to help overcome environment and biological stresses.
Check (left) vs. PreCede Cereal on Wheat (right)
PreCede enhances nutrient uptake to the plant.

Technical Info



1-6-0-5Zn-2.5Mn-0.125B + Transit-S + Cellburst 3.0 L/MTSeedLiquidCase (2x10L), 500L, 1000L

Product Recommendations:

  • If applied alone, dilute PreCede with water to ensure uniform coverage on the seed.
  • Allow for proper drying time to ensure optimum flowability.
  • Do not treat directly into an air seeder.
  • If combined with a seed protectant, conduct a jar test and refer to ATP ’s information on product compatibility and calibration.
  • Once PreCede is combined with a seed protection product, the mixed product should be applied immediately to the seed. 

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