Calcium has the power to impact many important processes including stomatal activity, photo assimilate movement, disease resistance and insect infestation, and overall plant growth and yield.

Quick Facts About Calcium

  • Calcium is essential for cell wall structure and plant strength.
  • Calcium is utilized for continuous cell division and formation.
  • Calcium promotes uptake and transportation of other nutrients.
  • Uptake of Calcium is primarily through the new root hairs and the root tip.
  • Nitrogen-use efficiency of urea-containing fertilizers is increased with soluble Calcium sources such as Calcium Nitrate.
  • Form used by plants: Ca+2.

Role of Calcium in Plants

  • Promotes stalk strength and standbility. 
  • Stimulates root and leaf development.
  • Improves disease resistance.
  • Important in cell wall and membrane construction.
  • Plays a vital role in Nitrogen metabolism.
  • Critical for receptiveness of pollen and proper pollen tube development.

Calcium Deficiencies:

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Leaf margins irregular and foliage reflect spotted or chlorotic areas.
  • Deficiency visible in the storage tissues of fruit causes cells to collapse.
  • Failure of terminal growth and apical root tip development.
  • Distortion and reduced size of youngest leaves.
  • Due to the general immobility of Calcium, the parts
    of the plants with low transpiration capacity, such as young leaves, flowers and fruits are affected mostly by Calcium deficiency.

Factors Affecting Deficiencies

  • In higher pH soils, Calcium forms a number of insoluble bonds rendering the Calcium fraction unavailable for plant use (ie . Calcium Carbonate).
  • Higher levels of Nitrogen can reduce the availability of Calcium.
  • Presence of competing ions can also affect deficiency – Calcium competes with other positively charged ions, such as Sodium (Na+), Potassium (K+), and Magnesium (Mg+2), and applying too much of these positively charged ions might decrease Calcium uptake by plants.
  • High humidity.

Calcium Recommended Products

Product Type Details
Boron 10%
Micronutrient Soil
Boron 15%
Micronutrient Soil
Micro-Che Ca
Micronutrient Soil
Supercal S04
Secondary Nutrient Soil
Product Details >
Supercal 98G
Secondary Nutrient Soil
Product Details >
ReLeaf Pulse
Secondary Nutrient Foliar
Secondary Nutrient Foliar
Calcium Nitrate
Secondary Nutrient Foliar
Product Details >
42PHI Canola
Macronutrient Foliar

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