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Quick Facts About Nitrogen

  • Nitrogen is required for production of chlorophyll, nucleic acids, and enzymes.
  • Nitrogen is essential for plants to synthesize amino acids, which are the building blocks for protein synthesis.
  • These amino acids are then used in forming protoplasm, which is used in cell division and also utilized in producing necessary enzymes and structural parts of the plant and can become part of the stored proteins in the grain.
  • Form used by plants: NO3 or NH4+.

Role of Nitrogen in Plants

  • Primary building block for all plant parts – leaves, shoots, roots, fruit, buds, etc.
  • Promotes rapid growth.
  • Enhances nutrient uptake.
  • Increases protein content in plants.
  • Nitrogen combined with high concentrations of chlorophyll utilizes the sunlight as an energy source to carryout essential plant functions including nutrient uptake.

Nitrogen Deficiencies:

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Slow growth and stunted plants.
  • Chlorosis (yellowing) of the leaves starting from older ones due to the declining chlorophyll.
  • Starts with mature leaves – firing of tips and mid rib of foliage.
  • Excess Nitrogen results in reduced quality and delayed coloration.
  • Tillering and leaf size are reduced in cereals.

Factors Affecting Deficiencies

  • Additions of organic matter (manure, crop residues) will immobilize Nitrogen.
  • Leaching of nitrate can move Nitrogen out of the root zone.
  • Soil moisture affects Nitrogen in that too much results in saturated soils and denitrification, causing limited root development and movement of soil water and thus nutrients.
  • Excess ammonium also decreases the availability of Nitrogen to the plant.
  • Toxicity symptoms include excessive shoot growth, large, succulent, dark green leaves, profuse flowering, poor color development, prolonged growth into fall and higher susceptibility of winter injury and leaf diseases.
  • Heavy Nitrogen fertilization intensifies Copper and Zinc deficiencies.

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Nutrient Knowledge Guide

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