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Cold start your crop – add PreCede Rhizo to your inoculant seed protection.

PreCede® Rhizo is a premium seed nutrient dressing designed and field tested to deliver the essential nutrients in the proper form and ratio to successfully cold start the pulse crops.

PreCede is powered by Transit-S and Cellburst Technology, exclusive to ATP, to help the germinated seedling overcome address abiotic stress (cold soils). 

PreCede Rhizo is Stage 1 in the System of Chemtrition.

Designed specifically for pulse and soybean crops

  • Rhizobium friendly formulation.
  • Drive root development, nodulation and active nitrogen fixation with the addition of key nutrients.
  • Transit-S and Cellburst technology optimize nutrient uptake and nutrient use by the plant, while eliminating abiotic stress.
  • Low dose rate ensures flowability of seed when combined with inoculants and seed protection products.

Proven Agronomic Performance

PreCede Rhizo charts showing difference in yield and rooting
  • Chart 1. PreCede Rhizo enhanced and accelerated root development resulting in a 59% increase in active nodules (nitrogen fixation) at the recommended rate on Soybeans.
  • Chart 2. A combination of increased rooting, increased nutrient uptake  and enhanced nodulation resulted in a 3.2 and 4.0 bu/ac increases for soybeans and peas, respectively when treated with PreCede.

See the Difference

Check (left) vs. PreCede Rhizo on Peas (right)

PreCede increases root surface area and overall root length.

Technical Info


PreCede Rhizo

Transit-S + Cellburst+ TE1.0 L/MTSeedLiquidCase (2x10L), 500L, 1000L

Product Recommendations:

  • If applied alone, dilute PreCede with water to ensure uniform coverage on the seed.
  • Allow for proper drying time to ensure optimum flowability.
  • Do not treat directly into an air seeder.
  • If combined with an inoculant or seed protectant, conduct a jar test and refer to ATP ’s information on product compatibility and calibration. 
  • Once PreCede is combined with an inoculant or seed protection product, the mixed product should be applied immediately to the seed. 
  • View the PreCede SDS and Product Label, as well as read more information on product compatibility and calibration information.

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