Micro-Che Ca

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Product Support

To Prevent Micronutrient Deficiencies - Add Micro-Che Ca to Your Soil

  • Chelation protects the nutrient from being tied up in the soil and allows it to be readily available to the plant. 
  • Improved nutrient use efficiency.
  • Plant available and seedling safe. 
  • Compatible with Transit-S, Synergro M2, UAN, Arise, 10-34-0, 3-10-10 and ATS.

Proven Agronomic Performance

Chart showing an increase in Canola yield with applying Micro-Che Ca
  • Micro-Che Ca flowered 4-5 days earlier
  • CaCl side banded with UAN at 4 L/ac
  • Micro-Che Ca side banded with UAN at 2 L/ac

Technical Info



2-0-0-3Ca, 30% EDTA0.5-1.0 L/acSoilLiquidCase (2x10L), 500L, 1000L

Product Recommendations

  • Apply Micro-Che with your liquid in-furrow or banded fertilizers. 
  • Please conduct a soil sample to determine if your soil will be responsive to a liquid micronutrient application and assist in determining the optimum application rate.