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Power your crop – add ReLeaf with your herbicide.​

ReLeaf is a complete, crop-specific, NPK plus micronutrient formulation to meet the early season nutritional demands of the crop. Applied with your herbicide, ReLeaf gives a second opportunity for early season plant nutrition to drive rooting and help with “herbicide hangover.”

ReLeaf is powered by Transit-S and Cellburst Technology, exclusive to ATP, to maximize the efficacy of the formulation. 

ReLeaf is Stage 2 in the System of Chemtrition.® 

  • Designed specifically for canola.
  • Improves nutrient uptake and drive rooting with proper ratio and forms of phosphorus.
  • Balances phosphorus loading to drive rooting and photosynthesis with the addition of manganese .
  • Maximizes photosynthetic activity and eliminates flashing that occurs during stress periods with proper forms and levels of manganese.
  • Drives sugar movement and proper cell wall integrity with potassium and boron nutrition.
  • Transit S and Cellburst technology optimize nutrient uptake and nutrient use by the plant, while eliminating abiotic stress.

Early Season Nutrition = Genetic Potential

Herbicide timing is when your young crop can have seedling stall, so applying the proper essential nutrients to drive rooting with your herbicide makes all the difference. ReLeaf is your crop’s second opportunity for a starter fertilizer. When ReLeaf is added to herbicide, the following occurs:

  • Grows deeper, stronger roots
  • Gives seedlings a second boost to help hasten crop maturity
  • Relieves plant stress and improves early season nutrition and metabolic activity of the plant
  • Invigorates crops to overcome internal and external stresses to thrive and preserve the yield potential

Proven Agronomic Performance

  • 29 replicated field trials showed significant increase in root length (up to 71%) and root surface area (up to 56%) for ReLeaf treated canola plants.
  • 44 independent, third-party trials from 2011 – 2017 showed an average yield increase  3.6 bu/ac in canola when treated with ReLeaf.

See the Difference

Control (left) vs. ReLeaf Canola (right)
ReLeaf gives seedlings a second boost to help hasten crop maturity.
Control (left) vs. ReLeaf Canola (right)
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Technical Info



5-20-5-0.5B-0.2Mn + Transit-S + Cellburst + TE2 L/acHerbicideLiquidCase (2x10L), 500L, 1000L

Product Recommendations

  • ReLeaf should be applied at herbicide timing.
  • Ensure water volume (min. 10 gal/ac) is used for optimum coverage and effectiveness.
  • ReLeaf can be combined with either the NRG or Kinetic line of ATP Products, if determined that additional nutrition is required. 
  • To view the ReLeaf SDS and Product Label, as well as read more information on product compatibility, please visit specific ReLeaf pages on

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