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Drive critical early season rooting– Use Arise as your starter fertilizer.

  • Provides a “pop up” effect to drive critical early season rooting. 
  • Low salt index for greater seedling safety. 
  • Immediate plant available phosphorus. 
  • Compatible with 28-0-0 (UAN), Synergro M2, Transit-S and the Micro-Che line of micronutrients. 

Proven Agronomic Performance

By providing immediate plant available phosphorus in furrow, Arise increased wheat yields by an average of 6 and 5 bu/ac, when compared to no additional phosphorus or when combined with a side band of phosphorus, respectively. 

  • To achieve this increase in yield, Arise was applied at 10 lbs P2O5/ac. 
  • To determine the optimum application rate needed for plant development and yield potential, it is recommended to conduct soil and plant tissue test. 

Take Arise to the Next Level by Adding Synergro M2

Small replicated trial conducted in Portage, MB in 2019 and 2020 showing the effects of Arise and Synergro
Synergro M2 is a biological metabolite product that activates the root rhizophere to:
  • Increase rooting and vegetative plant growth
  • Reduce the impact of abiotic stress
  • Improve crop performance – drives yield and enhances quality
Replicated trials demonstrated that a soil application of Arise with Synergro M2 has a strong agronomic and synergistic response.

Technical Info



7-22-410-20 L/acSoilLiquid1000L, Bulk

Product Recommendations

  • For the best early season performance, Arise should be applied in furrow. 
  • Arise can be combined with Micro-Che, Transit-S, Synergro M2 and/or Blocker to drive early season vigor. 
  • Arise can be combined with UAN, 3-10-10 and ATS, but it is recommended for these blends to be side banded in the soil. 
  • A jar test is always recommended to confirm compatibility of Arise with other fertilizers and pesticides. 
  • Synergro M2 can be combined with Arise and should be applied in furrow to drive early season vigor and productivity.
  • To view the Arise and Synergro M2 SDS, product labels and to learn more information on compatibilities, follow the links on the top of this page.

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