Water Solubles

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    Water Soluble

Importance of Water Solubles

ATP provides the highest-grade water-soluble foliar fertilizers in the industry. Backed by over 20 years of usage, these low-salt index products can be used to address nutrient deficiencies through either a foliar or irrigation application.

  • Easy to disolve formulations. 
  • Nutrient specific formulations.
  • Can be used at all times throughout the cropping season, for all crops.
  • Ideal for both foliar ground and aerial application, along with fertigation. 
  • Compatible with most ATP products.
  • MKP also acts as a buffer with spray water.

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Proven Agronomic Performance

  • 15 replicated trials over multiple years of testing at Kansas State University reported a foliar application of MKP (0-52-34) at the flag leaf to boot stage (BBCH 39-45) showed a dramatic yield benefit to the winter wheat crop.
  • The data also showed a strong rate response curve with the optimum rate being 5 to 10 lb of MKP per acre.
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Technical Info



0-52-341.0-2.25 Kg/acFoliarLiquid25 Kg


13S-10Mg1.0-2.25 Kg/acFoliarLiquid25 Kg

Sodium Molybdate

39.6% Mo20-30 gm/acFoliarLiquidCase (2x2 Kg)

Product Recommendations

  • *Tissue test is required to determine the optimum application rate.