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N-Fluence is a high analysis liquid urea that utilizes the powerful biostimulant effects of Transit-S Technology.

  • Designed as a safe, low burn form of foliar Nitrogen to be used on all crops.
  • Outstanding nutrient uptake.
  • Can double the uptake of other nutrients being added with N-Fluence via facilitated diffusion.
  • Transit-S helps increase nutrient utilization by the plant. 
  • Nickel is added to improve nitrogen efficiency conversion within the plant and increase crop safety.

Proper Form of Nitrogen = Delivers the Genetic Potential

N-Fluence (20-0-0) is the safest and most effective form of nitrogen for foliar application. The addition of Nickel and the Transit-S technology supports increased nutrient uptake, efficiency and conversion into a readily available form with limited energy required by the plant to do so. 

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Proven Agronomic Performance

  • Trials conducted by both Michigan State University and Sabanci University (Figure 1) showed the addition of urea increased the uptake of other nutrients by up to 200%.  
  • The critical N level in the flag leaf of wheat is 4.2% at head emergence to obtain 14% protein. However, the critical nitrogen level in the plant changes as the crop matures. If the tissue sample is below these threshold levels, a foliar nitrogen application is required to maintain the targeted protein. (Figure 2)
  • From replicated trials, if the tissue N level is below the critical threshold (4.2%), then the addition of 7-8 lb of nitrogen applied at the milk stage is required to increase protein content by 1.0% on a 50 bu/ac crop of wheat. The response to a foliar nitrogen application becomes more significant as the plant becomes more N deficient. (Figure 3)
Increase Pre-Harvest Efficiency
Glyphosate alone (left) vs Glyphosate and ModipHy (right)

Technical Info



20-0-0 + Transit-S5-15 L/acFoliarLiquid1000L, Bulk

Product Recommendations

  • It is recommended to do a minimum of a 2:1 dilution ratio of water to N-Fluence.
  • For lower rates of N-Fluence, ensure a minimum water volume of 10 gal/ac is used for optimum coverage and uptake.
  • N-Fluence can be combined with the NRG, ReLeaf, 42Phi or Kinetic lines of products, if it is determined that additional nutrients are required.
  • N-Fluence can be applied throughout the entire growing season. 
  • When addressing protein management in wheat, the optimum timing is the milk stage (BBCH 73).
  • N-Fluence can be combined with a crop protection product. Please conduct a jar test and refer to ATP ‘s  information on product compatibility at www.atpag.com
  • To view the N-Fluence SDS and product label, please visit www.atpag.com