Kinetic Boron

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Boron: Essential for cellular strength, pollination and sugar movement.

Kinetic is the premium line of foliar micronutrients designed to address and overcome specific micronutrient deficiencies in the plant. The addition of 2 biostimulants help improve nutrient uptake and utilization by the plant while overcoming abiotic stress.

  • Kinetic Boron is 100% plant available and crop safe.
  • Kinetic Boron improves fertilizer use by increasing the mobility and uptake of the nutrient in the plant.
  • Trace elements added to support sugar movement and amino acid production.
  • Powered by Transit-S and Cellburst Technology.

Role of Boron

  • Maintains cell wall integrity of roots
  • Essential for cell division and development
  • Facilitates the synthesis of nucleic acids
  • Regulates metabolism of carbohydrates
  • Aids production of sugar and carbohydrates, and is essential for seed and fruit development
  • Essential for elongation of pollen tubes
  • Enhances uptake of Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium, and enables sugar translocation.

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Retardation of root and new growth, followed by death of younger leaves
  • Rhizobia development in the roots of legumes is inhibited
  • Causes breakdown of growing tip tissue
  • Poor seed set or fruit set
  • At Boron concentrations 12 ppm or less, terminal buds die and shoot dieback takes place

Proven Agronomic Performance

  • Data generated across North America from 2012-2013 shows that Kinetic Boron increased overall average canola by of 8.0 bu/ac and wheat by 3.0 bu/ac.
  • Sufficient boron had a direct positive effect on the crop’s yield due to stronger cell walls, better pollination and a healthier carbohydrate metabolism.
  • The addition of Kinetic Boron with ReLeaf improved consistency in performance and enhanced productivity by an average 5.4 bu/ac in Canola, reiterating the benefits of Chemtrition.

See the Difference

Boron Deficiency in Soybeans

Kinetic improves overall plant health to help overcome environmental and biological stresses.
Boron Deficiency in Canola
Boron Deficiency in Wheat

Boron Deficiency in Wheat (left) vs. Boron Sufficient in Wheat (right)
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Technical Info



10B + Transit-S + Cellburst + TE0.5-1.0 L/AcFoliarLiquidCase (2x10L), 500L, 1000L

Product Recommendations

  • Kinetic products can be applied throughout the growing season. For efficiency, Kinetic products can be added with the herbicide and/or fungicide application.
  • Use proper water volume (minimum 10 gallons) to ensure uniform coverage and optimum uptake.
  • Do not spray in the heat of the day or when plants are under moisture stress. Spray in the late evening or early morning. 
  • Kinetic B is compatible with the N-Fluence, ReLeaf and NRG line of products. 
  • Tank mix compatibility is impacted by water quality which may vary by location, so conduct a jar test prior to combining Kinetic with a crop protection product or see product compatibility information here.