Hard water decreasing your herbicide efficacy?

May has arrived, and that means seeding is in full swing!  As you head into your fields, water quality plays an important role in the effectiveness of your pre-seed burndown.


Does your water make the cut?

Water is one of the cheapest inputs and can be one of our biggest assets. The quality of the water utilized is a key factor in determining the efficacy of a herbicide, pesticide, or foliar fertilizer application. Is your hard water holding these valuable products back?


Watch the video (3 min) to learn how to proactively deal with hard water. 

Water Conditioning = Delivers the Genetic Potential


Whether it’s a preseed burndown, in-crop or pre-harvest, attention should be paid to spray water quality because hard water (cations) can bind to herbicides and pesticides – decreasing efficacy. By softening the spray water in the tank, ModipHy helps ensure that growers get the most out of each pass over the field. 

  • Adding ModipHy to your tank mix can maximize chemistry efficacy by balancing your pH and softening hard water.
  • ModipHy neutralizes the free ions present in hard water, preventing herbicides/pesticides from reacting with hard water cations like magnesium, iron and calcium.
  • ModipHy’s surfactant package ensures that more herbcide gets into the leaf reducing the effect of these plant-borne cations.
  • ModipHy helps glyphosate penetrate dusty or dirt-covered weeds.
Modiphy helps with weed control

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