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Herbicide Hangover

How do you Prevent Herbicide Hangover

How do you prevent a “herbicide hangover”? With seeding completed, it’s time to switch our focus to growing a healthy crop by providing proper nutrition and controlling weeds.  Due to the environmental conditions this year, the

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Greg Cox - new rep for Southern Minnesota and Iowa
Company News

ATP Welcomes Greg Cox to the Team

We are excited to announce Greg Cox will be joining the ATP team as a new Regional Account Manager focusing on the Southern Minnesota / Northern Iowa region.  As the ATP business continues to grow,

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Globulin aka root snoot enhanced microbial activity in rhizosphere

How snotty roots combat cold soils

No one wants a runny nose, but having snotty roots is exactly what an agronomist orders to fight off cold soils in the spring! The technical term for root snot is “glomalin”. Ever wonder what

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8 reasons to soil test

8 Reasons to Soil Test

Soil testing is a best management practice (BMP) and a foundational step in preserving a crop’s genetic yield potential. With a robust soil testing program, you can gain a greater understanding of: 1. Economics Aids

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