Are you crops begging for boron?

Are your crops begging for boron?  

Boron is vital to plant health, as it is essential for cell wall formation and rapid growing points within the plant, such as reproductive structures. Globally, boron deficiency is one of the most prevalent micronutrient deficiencies, and Western Canada is not an exception. Boron deficiency is on the rise with over 50% of the soils across Western Canada testing low to very low. And do you know what is suffering the most as a result of this? YIELD!

Watch the video above (3.5 min) to learn how to proactively address a boron deficiency:

  • Functions of Boron
  • Factors affecting Boron availability
  • Symptoms of Boron deficiency
  • Best timing of Boron application and in-season options.

To determine the best time to apply Boron, a third-party trial was conducted. Research showed an application of Kinetic Boron at herbicide timing resulting in a 3.5 bu/ac yield advantage over the untreated check. When the application of Kinetic Boron was applied at both herbicide and fungicide timing, there was an increase of 4.5 b/ac

When a soil application of Kinetic Boron was paired with a herbicide and fungicide application of boron, they observed more than a 7.2 bu/ac advantage! If you take away one thing from these results, take this – when it comes to boron, it pays to GO EARLY + GO OFTEN. If you wait until flowering time to apply boron, your yield has already been lost.

Third Party Kinetic Boron Trials showing Yield Increase after application of Kinetic Boron

Best options to proactively address boron deficiency:

  1. A soil application followed by a foliar application
  2. If you can’t get in for a soil application, do two foliar applications – One at herbicide timing followed by an application at fungicide timing.  

Due to the compatibility of the Kinetic product line with herbicides and fungicides, these product options fit easily into an integrated crop plan to address boron deficiency. The Kinetic line is compatible with ReLeaf and 42Phi. Check out the ATP compatibility tool HERE to see how you can add these products into your existing plans.

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