Got P? Solutions to Address the Tight Supply

How to ensure you ‘Got P’?

This spring, phosphate supplies have been tight and shortages have been reported across Western Canada. Watch the video below (3.5 minutes) to learn how a foliar application can complement your soil-applied fertility program:

Did you know 90% of our soils are phosphorus responsive?  

In a typical rotation, the removal rate of phosphorus exceeds the application amount as we continue to deplete the phosphorus level within our soils.  In fact, a recent Stratus Market Research report concluded that only 35% of wheat being grown has the application rate of phosphorus meeting (or exceeding) the crop removal rate. 

Phosphorus is a key component of every crop fertility plan since it:

  • Stimulates early season growth
  • Helps the crop grow deeper and stronger roots
  • Hastens plant maturity and promotes seed production
  • Functions as one of the main promoters of photosynthesis, nutrient transport and energy transfer via energy-rich linkages (ATP).

An innovative practice to address the depletion of phosphorus is to complement your soil-applied program with a foliar application.  ATP carries two foliar lines of products – ReLeaf and NRG – that can complement your soil applied program.  


Synergy and Compatibility with AgriChemistry

Synergy – Balancing nutrition to optimize the photosynthetic capacity of the plant helps create a healthier, more vigorous plant. The end result is a more efficiently respiring plant that addresses stress more easily and aids in AgriChemistry efficacy.


Compatibility – Since the majority of foliar products are sprayed with a herbicide or fungicide, the ATP product line has been formulated to be compatible with a wide range of AgriChemistry. Over the past 10 plus years, we have conducted thousands of compatibility tests to ensure growers encounter no issues when adding ATP products to the tank.  We have developed a simple and easy tool to help determine the compatibility of your mix.  Click below to access the tool.

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