How snotty roots combat cold soils

No one wants a runny nose, but having snotty roots is exactly what an agronomist orders to fight off cold soils in the spring!  


The technical term for root snot is “glomalin”.


Ever wonder what holds the soil together? It’s glomalin, a sticky glycoprotein produced by the plant that glues sand, silt, clay, and organic matter together, to create soil aggregates. This creates what growers call “tilth,” which is a feeling of smooth soil granules that flow through your fingers.  Glomalin is a major player in the aggregation of soil particles and in their stability.  Glomalin keeps water and nutrients from getting lost on the way to and from the plant.

Globulin aka root snoot enhanced microbial activity in rhizosphere

How do you get bigger roots and more glomalin?

As you can see in the image above, PreCede seed nutrient dressing drives bigger roots and produces more root snot or glomalin.  The superior rooting and glomalin are critical in the spring since they drive moisture and nutrient uptake. 


PreCede – More than Roots and Glomalin

The main benefit of a nutrient dressing is to balance the nutrients in the seed during the 1-2 leaf growth stage to ensure that the plant can maximize its early photosynthetic efficiency and achieve its genetic potential. 


Seed nutrition improves plant health to overcome the spring environmental stress in three key ways:


  1. Cold start the crop – Help the crop deal with the environmental stress of cold soils.
  2. Drive early season vigor – Restore the nutrient balance of the seed to maximize early season vigor.
  3. Increase root surface area – Improve acquisition of moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Data collected from 90 replicated trials between 2011 and 2021 show a consistent increase in yield in Canola, Wheat, Peas and Soybeans.  PreCede can be expected to provide a yield increase of around 1-4 bu/acre.


PreCede is a premium seed nutrient dressing designed and field tested to deliver the essential nutrients in the proper form and ratio to successfully cold start the crop.


Seed nutrient dressings, such as PreCede, are not designed as replacements for seed fungicide dressings but rather to complement them. When combined they have a great synergistic effect. For a list of all the seed treatments PreCede is compatible with CLICK HERE.

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