How to Drive Pollination with Nutrition

To boost yield at the flowering stage of the crop, we need to maximize pollination.

Two of the most important nutrients for pollination are Boron and Zinc. These nutrients are immobile in the plant, meaning they cannot be reallocated from older tissue to where they are required in the reproductive tissue. To ensure proper pollination and seed set to maximize yield, it is critical the crop is supplied with sufficient quantities of these nutrients at reproductive timing.

Watch the video above to learn more about the essential nutrients at flowering timing.

Protect your yield – apply 42Phi alone or with your fungicide

42Phi is a novel NPK formulation with key micronutrients and NutriPhlo technology designed specifically for application at the reproductive stage to aid in flowering, pollination and seed set.

  • Novel formulation designed to be applied as a stand alone or synergistically with a fungicide
  • Designed specifically for each crop
  • Contains nutrients essential for maximizing flowering, pollination and seed set
  • Protects against yield loss
  • NutriPhlo Technology – phosphorus technology that improves uptake of essential nutrients into the plant

Learn more about 42PHI

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