Is your herbicide and foliar nutrition compatible?

Adding foliar nutrition to your herbicide application?

With strong commodity prices combined with high-cost nutrition inputs, growers are tweaking their overall fertility plan to improve nutrient use efficiency and mitigate risk. Many growers are evolving from a standard nutrient management plan that consists of only a soil-applied program to a more advanced plan that includes foliar applications – such as the ReLeaf and Kinetic products. 

Advantages of an integrated fertility plan:

  • Reduce risk – Pace spending of nutrition pending upon the yield potential of the crop.
  • Take advantage of nutrient use efficiency associated with foliar applications.
  • Proactively address nutrient deficiencies or imbalances within the crop.
  • Supplement any nutrition shortfalls from a soil applied program.


Watch the video to learn best handling practices when adding foliar nutrition to your herbicide application.

Synergy and Compatibility with AgriChemistry

Synergy – Balancing nutrition to optimize the photosynthetic capacity of the plant helps create a healthier, more vigorous plant. The end result is a more efficiently respiring plant that addresses stress more easily and aids in AgriChemistry efficacy.

Compatibility – Since the majority of foliar products are sprayed with a herbicide or fungicide, the ATP product line has been formulated to be compatible with a wide range of AgriChemistry. Over the past 10 plus years, we have conducted thousands of compatibility tests to ensure growers encounter no issues when adding ATP products to the tank.  We have developed a simple and easy tool to help determine the compatibility of your mix.

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