Set your Yield with Late Season Nutrition

The most stressful time in a plant’s lifecycle is at the start of flowering, due to the increasing nutrient demand of that plant. Don’t miss your last chance to set your yield!


Watch the video (approximately 4 minutes) to learn:

  • Why late season nutrition is important
  • Which nutrients are critical to boost flowering and pollination, increase seed set and maximize grain filling.  
  • A simple and easy way to manage late season nutrition

Protect your yield – apply 42Phi alone or with your fungicide


42Phi is a novel NPK formulation with key micronutrients and NutriPhlo technology designed specifically for application at the reproductive stage to aid in flowering, pollination and seed set.

  • Novel formulation designed to be applied as a stand alone or synergistically with a fungicide
  • Designed specifically for each crop
  • Contains nutrients essential for maximizing flowering, pollination and seed set
  • Protects against yield loss
  • NutriPhlo Technology – phosphorus technology that improves uptake of essential nutrients into the plant

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