Tools and Resources

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Tools and Calculators

Compatibility Tool

View the most up-to-date compatibility information for the entire ATP product line.

Uptake and Removal Calculator

Do you know the nutrient requirements to achieve your target yield? Find out with our Nutrient Uptake and Removal Calculator.

Water Hardness Calculator

Calculate your Water Hardness Inactivation Potential with the ModipHy Water Hardness Calculator

Are You Deficient?Nutrient Deficiency Quiz

Diagnose your crop’s symptoms of nutrient deficiency to ensure you don’t lose the genetic potential of the crop. 

Resource Library

Our Thinking

Whether it is news, articles, videos or other resources – Find all of ATP’s blogging content, in one place.

Nutrient Guide

Download ATP’s Nutrient Knowledge Guide – Your All Inclusive Guide to Plant Nutrition, aimed to help you achieve optimum yield.

Product Guide

Find our how nutrition, biostimulants and analytics fits in your agronomic plan. Download ATP’s Product Guide and see our full product line.

Soil Analytics Guide

Learn how to maximize the genetic potential of your crop and get the most of your fertility budget by downloading your all inclusive guide to soil testing.

ATP Academy

Learn. Apply. Grow

Learn how to Restore the Balance – Healthier plants mean healthier soils and vice versa.  Our focus is on both plant and soil health, understanding that maximum genetic potential is achieved when the two work in tandem.  Learn how to employ essential nutrients, biostimulants and the latest analytical tools to deliver the crop’s potential.

With 18 essential nutrients required to grow the crop, it is integral that all nutrients are in the proper balance and form to deliver the yield potential of the crop. With proactive nutrient management, 60% of the crops genetic yield potential can be achieved, making nutrition the single most important input we can control to drive productivity and profitability.