Alberta growers get 50% back on NutriScan with Alberta Farm Technology Program

Don’t miss out – Alberta growers get 50% back on NutriScan with Alberta Farm Technology Program!


In case you haven’t heard – NutriScan has been approved as an eligible technology under the Alberta Farm Technology Program! The Alberta Farm Technology Program supports the adoption of innovative technology that optimizes farm efficiency. This program enables growers who meet the program requirements to be reimbursed for 50% of the NutriScan cost.


NutriScan is more accessible than ever!


NutriScan is a game-changing technology that enables farmers to soil test in real time and get the nutrient status of their fields along with detailed recommendations in a few minutes. NutriScan has been calibrated and extensively tested across Alberta to ensure consistent and accurate results. Watch the video below to learn more about the NutriScan.

Overview of the Alberta Farm Technology Program*

  • 50:50 cost sharing.
  • Up to $48,000 (2023-2024).
  • Available to Alberta producers that produce over $25,000 of farm commodities annually.  
  • Program opens April 1, 2023; Closes March 31, 2024.
  • Environmental farm plan required (certificate or completion letter or obtain EFP before completion of project term.

*Please note: Program is subject to change

Recently, we assisted some growers in Alberta with their applications for this program. These growers were successful in receiving 50% of their investment back. We have put together a few components to make the process easy and help with the success of your application:

  • Application Form
  • Letter of Support
  • Technical Sheet for NutriScan
  • Product Quote

Note: You don’t need to commit to purchase until your funding application is approved.  Start the process – and get a quote today. To book a NutriScan demo and get assistance completing the application process, please complete the attached form.


We are pleased that the Alberta government is making technologies like the NutriScan more accessible under the Farm Technology Program.  As with all programs, the funding grants and timing are limited and may change at any time.

Don’t miss out – Get your NutriScan in time for soil sampling this fall!

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