Importance of Seed Nutrition this Spring

It’s almost March and that means the 2023 growing season is just around the corner! With strong crop prices and the majority of growers feeling confident about the level of moisture in the fields – seed nutrient dressings are a powerful, yet relatively economical tool, that will get your crop off to a great start.  


Adding a seed nutrient dressing to your seed treatment will ensure early root establishment that will take advantage of spring moisture and nutrient availability. Seed nutrition improves plant health to overcome the environmental stress of the spring in three key ways:


  1. Increase early season vigour
  2. Cold start the crop
  3. Increase root surface area

Seed nutrition can be a critical tool in dealing proactively with plant stress to get your crop off to a strong start.   


Watch the video below to learn:

  • Importance of seed nutrition
  • Why seeds are nutrient imbalanced
  • Nutrients critical at planting
  • Easy options to apply a seed nutrient dressing this spring



PreCede is a seed nutrient dressing containing the right nutrients in the right ratio to turn ON you seed’s defense system against stress.  

PreCede contains two novel biostimulants – Transit-S and Cellburst Technology are formulated into PreCede to maximize nutrient use efficiency and combat plant stress, ensuring seeds are nutrient balanced, healthier and higher yielding.

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